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About Us

  Foshan Bolaide Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a technological enterprise specialized in the design and manufacture of DC brushless motor, DC brushless fan, EC fan and so on.

  1. Our product has five characteristics as following : 1) Energy-saving and environmental protection; 2) stepless speed regulation; 3) simple control; 4) speed feedback; 5) strong applicability.

  1) Energy-saving and environmental protection: We use the high-performance magnetic excitation material, the efficiency of our product increased by 30%~50% compared to the traditional AC products, therefore saving 30%~50% of electricity. The product is equipped with the function of soft start, which can avoid surge current during the start-up.

  2) Stepless speed regulation: Without the converter, the product also can adjust within the range of 0-3000RPM, so that can achieve multi-gears and multi-rotate speeds which need by air purifiers, ventilation system products, air conditioners, electric fans and so on.

  3) Simple control: The product has a built-in control circuit board and only four external connecting lines. The main control board just needs to control the speed lines in order to start up, stop, high speed rotate, mediate speed rotate and low speed rotate.

  4) Speed feedback: The product can feed back the real-time rotation in the form of impulse wave, so that can meet the special requirements.

  5) Strong applicability: When the product is designed and finalized, its installation specifications and performance parameters are compared with those of a famous German brand, the result shows that the performance of our product is excellent.

  2. Our company’s production process is Japanese-type management and production mode of refinement process. Every work station has its own Standard Operation Procedure and each product has its Engineering Management Diagram. In terms of quality control, the articles in the quality management system are strictly observed. The product will be delivered to customers only after layer-by-layer detection and being tested qualified. Both the major engineers and inspectors in our company have many years’ relevant working experience in Japanese enterprises, trained systematically in refinement process management.

  3. It is our company’s proud boast that our excellent technical team can develop and design products according to customers’ special requirements.

  4. Our products can be applied in the different industries such as heating and ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, air purification, communication, electricity, equipment thermal dissipation, ventilation and air exchange, heat pump and base station heat exchanger.

  5. Operation ideas of our company: quality first; credit-oriented; management as the basis; sincere services.